Porto 2017

Porto Torrent

Porto Torrent Director: Gabe Klinger Writers: Larry Gross, Gabe Klinger Stars: Anton Yelchin, Lucie Lucas, Paulo Calatré Synopsis: Jake and Mati are two outsiders in Porto who once experienced a brief connection. A mystery remains about the moments they shared,… Continue Reading


Suntan 2017

Suntan Torrent

Suntan Torrent Director: Argyris Papadimitropoulos Writers: Argyris Papadimitropoulos, Syllas Tzoumerkas Stars: Makis Papadimitriou, Elli Tringou, Dimi Hart Synopsis: On a hedonistic Greek island, a middle-aged doctor becomes obsessed with a young tourist when she lets him tag along with her… Continue Reading


By the Sea 2016

By the Sea Torrent

By the Sea Torrent Director: Angelina Jolie Writer: Angelina Jolie Stars: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Mélanie Laurent Synopsis: A couple tries to repair their marriage while staying at a hotel in France.